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Announcement 08-08-05:
The book we all were waiting for. Helen Abbott, JL-Granddaughter-in-law wrote about the offspring and some painful details about the famous ancestor. Read online here:

Inheritors of a Legend



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It is so simple a remedy, merely service.
Not one ignoble thought or act is demanded of any of all men and women in the world to make fair the world.
The call is for nobility of thinking, nobility of doing. The call is for service, and such is the wholesomeness of it.
He who serves all best serves himself.

Jack London

Suicide? Nope!
Basically it was never a question for me: Jack London, proud adventurer, was finally brought to his wits' end by life and all his problems and put bullet in his head. And all of thirty books I read all merely offered the same short information: suicide.
Until I finally went to Glen Ellen myself, that is.
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New Discovery
list of the century's best novels was all but set when I recently picked up a book I'd never heard of, by an author I'd ignored. What a pleasure it was to find I had overlooked a classic: Jack London's Martin Eden. First published in 1909, London's story of a young sailor striving to win love and fame...
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