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Jack London an Bord der Snark
J. London


By Dr. Vil M. Bykov November 2000

The name of Jack London in the world literature of the twentieth century takes up a worthy place in the belle lettres by now.

His works and his life are well known to the readers of no less than seventy languages. Despite his popularity among the public and editors, unfriendly prewar and postwar critics tried and failed to push that unusual writer aside.

But his stable, undying fame abroad among mass readers, particularly in Europe and Russia, was widespread throughout all continents. Jack London was the author who brilliantly combined his critical reflection with optimistic tone, frame, and mood, being more actual, real, and vital than many contemporary and later authors. His success, his works, and his example of courage influenced many young gifted writers all over the world. His best novels and stories passed triumphantly through all the twentieth century.

And by the end of the Century, as we see now, he won universal acknowledgement not only from the public but from the academic world of the United States of America.

Dr. Vil Bykov

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