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December 29th
New Biography by Clarice Stasz "Jack London's Women" published.

April 13th
Online Text: The night born

January 12th 2001
Jack London's Birthday.

November 12th
Tarnel did a lot of enhancement work for the timeline. Worth visiting!

October 26th
Jeremiah Creedon, senior editor of the Utne Reader Magazine granted us kindly permission to post his article "The Call of Jack London" on our site. Enjoy!

October 25th
Roy Tennant is pleased to announce that the Jack London Collection at the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE now has a number of curriculum materials for high school students, donated by Gary Reidl and Thomas Tietze of Wayzata Senior High, Plymouth, MN. The study questions, vobulary worksheets, tests, and other materials are for a number of London's stories and books, including "To Build a Fire" and The Sea-Wolf. These materials can be accessed at:
http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/London/Teachers/teachers.html and are all in Adobe Acrobat format.

October 12th
Timeline enlarged by Tarnel Abbott. Family-Story continued by Helen Abbott

October 6th
We took an article from the "Military History" by John Mancini about JL as war-correspondent during the russo-japonese war at 1904. Read about the details.

October, 1st
At this very moment we start the "Jack London International Site" featured by our new staff-members Helen and Tarnel Abbott. Welcome on board!

The program for the Fifth Biennial Jack London Society Symposium is now online at http://sunsite.Berkeley.edu/London/Organizations/5thprogram.html. There is also a link from the main Jack London Society site, at http://sunsite.Berkeley/edu/London/Organizations. There are a few minor changes to be made in the final printed program, but nearly everything is in the online version.

June 1st.
Search engine included. Search brief and comprehensive.

Complete List of publications online

April 22rd
Materials by courtesy of Richard Bond

April 19th
English version of timeline.

January 22nd 2000
We spoke with an astrologer and loaded up a comprehensive astrological analysis of JL in german language. We are looking forward to translate it soon. By the time, there's the radix-painting to see.

November 2nd
Jack London Movies Shop integrated. Search for JL-Movies directly.

October 3rd
Jack London Movies online. German translations will follow.

September 20th
New version of links, now categorized in "life", "work", "history" and "misc. JL-sites".

September 14th
Roy Tennant is "pleased to announce that the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE has digitized the first edition of London's "The Road", which is now available at: http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/London/Writings/TheRoad/ This account of his days as a hobo is profusely illustrated with photographs (staged) and drawings, all of which are available in the digital text as inline thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnail will then pull up a slightly larger-than-life version. This work was digitized by request of Stefan Etzel".

September 2nd
Jack London timeline in german just uploaded. English Version will follow. Nice message from Clarice Stazs from Berkeley University.

August 28th 1999
Pretty fitting to Goethes Birthday the fully working version of the slideshow is on air

August 20th 1999
Gallery included with a selection of pictures, links to the Sunsite-Images and a little slideshow "The Road", wich will be completed soon. And btw: we got two awards!

July 16th 1999
version starts with some translations. But Stefans "working class hero" is still missing. When will he come out with a proper trans?

July 10th 1999
German version almost ready.


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