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Jack London

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Collection of really important sites about Jack London 

Life & Work
Historical Background

Life & Work

The Jack London Collection
Most important and comprehensive site about Jack London. You'll find all materials you need. Featured by the Berkeley University.

Jack London Society
One of the most important organisations for maintaining the scholarly sources of Jack London. Sends a newsletter "The Call" and organizes symposiums.
Jack London Journal
Order the Jack London Journal here.

Jack London´s life as reflected in his work
Great Essay about the biographical and philosophical backgrounds. 

Jack London in France: Amis de Jack London
The most beautiful page-design of all Jack London Pages in the web. The french Jack London Society "Amis de Jack London" provides a lot of information about JL in french language.

Memories of Daddy
London´s younger daughter Becky tells childhood-memories. 

Becher des Zorns (Cup of anger)
Upton Sinclair´s account about the alcoholism of JL. German only. 

Classical Authors Archive: Jack London
The Author's Directory provides mostly bibliographical Information about Jack London

Documentary of the Yukon Cabin
Richard Lawrence has recently completed an award-winning documentary about the finding and relocation of Jack London's cabin in the Klondike (Yukon Territory, Canada). It received best Yukon documentary and audience favourite
awards at the Dawson City International Short Film Festival in spring 2001.

Jack London Ranch Album
Very beautiful page of David Hartzell, with rare pictures and infos.
Jack London State Historic Park
Official Website of the Beauty Ranch, Glen Ellen. 

Jack London online in german
Until yet you'll find one single story in german language. 
Historical Background
  America in the 1890s
Lots of infos about the time, Jack London lived in.

Turn of the Century Timeline
Brief infos about the centuries before and behind his life. 

Comparison then/today
What you would have get for one dollar in that time? This and more information is given on that interesting site. 

Der Klondike-Goldrausch
German radio-feature about the goldrush.
Ghosts of the Klondike

English Site about the goldrush.

Informations about the US-president (1901-1909), who ruled in the time, Jack London wrote the most of his stories. 
The great earthquake
Nice site with photographs about an event, JL experienced too.
The Rise and Fall of Jack London in Poland
Essay about the meaning of JL in Poland and other socialist countries.

The George Sterling Page
Site about the best friend of Jack, an unsuccessful poet. 

Seewolf & Co.
Book about the german TV-Movies based on the Sea Wolf.

Jack London at Centenary College
Jack London site of the Centenary College of Lousiana.
A site from Finland. Find an author's biography for every day of the year. You'll find Jack on January, 12th.
Mike and Margies London Page
Two authors, experts and admirers, who built a modest but interesting and well researched site. Interesting: there's a link on Mike Wilson, a Jack-London-Impersonator, who clothes himself like Jack and visits schoolclasses to "teach" about JL.
Stefan Falter and Nicole Burger are husky-fans, right enthusiasts.They offer sledging-tours in scandinavia.
Franz Kafka
There are few more writers in this world, struggling brave against the arrows of fate. One of them is Franz Kafka. This german site, maintained by Alexander Jeschke is named after the term he was formative for: www.kafkaesk.de.


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