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What is to be discussed in a lot of Jack London-Forums:  is there any coincidence between Jack London and Jack Dawson? And infact, there's some significance for that theory. The lastname "Dawson" reminds on the famous city in Alaska wich has been playing a particular role in Jack London Books. The firstname Jack reminds on Jack. And indeed, its easy to change a young writer into a young artist. He is presenting a comparable opinion of life as young hobo Jack London did and the dialogue between Rose and Jack during the suicide scene could have been taken out of a Jack London novel. And the character of emancipated and cultivated Rose is similar to the character of Maud Brewster of theSea Wolf novel. The last produce of evidence is that old photograph, found in an old cruiser's magazine: it shows young Jack London, talking to a lady on board of a ferry, maybe the "Martinez". The papers in the Womans lap are looking like a script. And in comparison with the original photograph taken from the movie they show the truth: The lady is very similar to Kate Winslet, as one must consider that Rose looks more pretty to our actual taste. And Leonardo di Caprio looks not that engaged, but the papers just have been changed to a sketch. 

Jack London and unknown Lady

Jack Dawson and Rose on board of the Titanic

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